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Opens a window into stories of school transformation. Using the bestselling book Street Data as a frame for discussion, these inspiring hosts crack the world of education and data wide open. Through compelling interviews with thought leaders, administrators, students, and teachers, we hear how education can be transformed as we move beyond our fixation on big data as the supreme measure of equity and learning and toward data that is humanizing, liberatory, and healing.

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Thursday Sep 21, 2023

In this conversation with Blackfoot scholar Dr. Sidney Stone Brown, Alcine and Shane are gifted many stories and teachings. We learn about the Native Self-Actualization model that Dr. Stone created and how she was told by her elders, “We’ve been looking for you” before she wrote her book. We dig into her original research into Abraham Maslow’s archives and discover the truth that Maslow’s concept was not originally a hierarchy, but that the corporations utilizing his work asked him to convert it into a pyramid to “motivate their employees”. We also explore the deep layers of what it means to heal, to come back to our wholeness, to understand time as circular rather than linear, and to situate listening as the ultimate act of transformation. Your heart will sing as you listen to Dr. Sidney Stone Brown.
For Further Learning:
Visit Dr. Sidney Stone Brown’s website to learn more about her work
Get your copy of Transformation Beyond Greed by Dr. Sidney Stone Brown, PsyD

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

In this delightful dialogue with the wizard behind Cult of Pedagogy, Jennifer Gonzalez, and middle school drama teacher Amanda Liebel, Shane and Alcine walk alongside two brilliant educators to think about service, street data, and pedagogy. You’ll learn the origin story of the magical blog and  podcast called Cult of Pedagogy. We’ll think about what it means to have a “heart of service”, as Amanda characterizes the deep work of teaching as always a reflective practice. We’ll also discuss how Shane, Jamila, and Jennifer came together to create a 9-hour free video series that tracks two teams of teachers as they move through the messiness and richness of the Street Data process! Finally, this episode offers vibrant one-inch windows into a pedagogy of student voice, including:
How to receive difficult street data from students with an open heart
How to take deeper risks in the classroom (for example, to “indigenize our learning spaces”)
Why being a perfectionist works against you as a teacher 
And what it means to “walk alongside students” and listen to what they want
Enjoy this priceless conversation!
For Further Learning:
Listen to the original Cult of Pedagogy podcast episode with Shane and Jamila, “Street Data: A Path Toward Equitable, Anti-racist Schools” (October 5, 2021)
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Listen to the follow-up Cult of Pedagogy podcast episode about this learning series with Shane, Jamila, and Amanda (January 29, 2023)
Check out the mentioned Cult of Pedagogy podcast and blog on The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Thursday Aug 24, 2023

Shane and Alcine are back with this on-FIRE conversation with Cincinnati math educators Crystal Watson and Dr. Dawn Williams who remind us that “The sun does not ask permission to shine, and neither do I.” These Black women leaders take us on a journey to understanding the type of math pedagogy that will transform and empower future generations of learners. We learn from Dr. Dawn why it’s important for leaders to create a place called home for teachers and, in turn, for students. Crystal and Dawn model a culture of listening to students as they enter classrooms, always asking, “How will that one child feel…?”, engaging in learning alongside students, all in efforts to affirm to students that the classroom is “your space”. They also teach us how to have a student-centered Data Meeting, how to support teachers to practice active listening (even when it’s uncomfortable!. They explain how anxiety specifically with math triggers fight or flight, diminished executive function, and distracting behaviors in the classroom and how building authentic and trusting relationships can help teachers guide students through that anxiety. Finally, we celebrate the truth that Black educators are “everything” while acknowledging the emotional labor of being a Black woman educational leader.
For further learning:
Principles for the Design of Mathematics Curricula: Promoting Language and Content Development with specific Math Language routines classroom teachers can implement
Books: The Memo and Right Within by Minda Harts on overcoming racial trauma and discrimination in the workplace
Book: Choosing to See by Dr. Pamela Seda and Kendall Brown

Thursday Aug 10, 2023

Public Learning, a model developed by the organization Lead by Learning, is a practice that builds awareness in educators in order to better serve their students. Public Learning is not a formula for professional development, but rather a stance and a way of being that activates everything strong educators know about teaching and learning–the need for curiosity around a learner’s experience, the role of uncertainty and complexity, and so much more. In this illuminating conversation, the founder and current leader of Lead by Learning, Jennifer Ahn and Carrie Wilson,  remind us of the power of public, reflective adult learning to create a path toward equity and antiracism in schools. These brilliant leaders help us think about what teachers need to genuinely learn and grow and how to infuse a pedagogy of voice at every level of the system.
You can follow Jennifer Ahn at Lead by Learning’s Instagram @leadbylearning_, Facebook @weleadbylearning, Twitter @Lead_byLearning, and LinkedIn at Lead by Learning.
For further learning:
Please link to any resources you would like to include in the show notes:
Learn more about public learning and other adult learning practices in Lead by Learning’s free playbook. 
Read stories from educators on the ground who are engaging in public learning to better support students.
Watch a webinar on how teachers are using public learning and street data to challenge dominant data narratives

Thursday May 18, 2023

In this reflective conversation, Shane and Alcine wrap up Season 2 by sharing some of their own stories, lenses, and learning around the work. You’ll hear what’s emerging on the ground as Shane and Dr. Dugan try to bring the Street Data model to life through communities of practice. You’ll consider the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation, tapping into the brilliance of Jo Chrona’s book Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies: An Act for Reconciliation and Anti-Racist Education. We also learn more about how Alcine’s mother influenced her student-centered pedagogy and how her experiences as a good test taker during desegregation efforts in the 1980’s shaped her views on standardized testing. And we say goodbye to our original producer, the incomparable Maya Cueva, who is off to work on a new film and other projects! 
For Further Learning: 
Podcasts Cheaper Than Therapy: Avoiding Resentment
The Cult of Pedagogy with Jennifer Gonzalez 
BooksTomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin
Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies by Jo Chrona 
Articles Cultivating a Pedagogy of Student Voice by Shane Safir 
Metacognition in the Classroom: Benefits & Strategies 
Watch Maya’s film On The Divide ( )

For Further Learning 

  • Read Shane’s recent Ed Week article: Standardized Tests Aren’t the Only Meaningful Data on Student Achievement: The case for using “street data”.
  • Buy Street Data at a Black or Indigenous-owned bookstores in the US and Canada: Second Story Press.
  • Or buy Street Data at Amazon or Corwin Press.


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Street Data

Education can be transformed if we eradicate our fixation on big data like standardized test scores as the supreme measure of equity and learning. Instead of the focus being on "fixing" and "filling" academic gaps, we must envision and rebuild the system from the student up—with classrooms, schools and systems built around students’ brilliance, cultural wealth, and intellectual potential. Street data reminds us that what is measurable is not the same as what is valuable and that data can be humanizing, liberatory and healing.

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Host Shane Safir

– co-author of Street Data

is a writer, coach, and facilitator who brings her expertise from nearly 25 years in public education – and her perspective as a white mom of multiracial children. Co-host Alcine Mumby draws upon her lived experience as a Black single woman and her 25 years as a national leader in redesigning assessment to center student-led demonstrations of learning. Together, they model new ways of being in conversation around challenging issues of race and equity.


Host Alcine Mumby

is a dedicated educator who has spent that last 25 years teaching and leading traditional and charter public K-12 schools all over the country. She currently supports and coaches district and school leaders to develop high-quality performance assessment systems that center student-led demonstrations of learning and metacognition. Prior to coaching Alcine taught Humanities at one of the first small schools in the Bronx where project-based learning and portfolio defenses served as the foundation of instruction. Afterward Alcine became a founding principal of Envision Academy in Oakland an administrator in several small middle and high schools in Atlanta and DC and a leadership coach in DC Charlotte & Philadelphia.

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